New Dog Owners

Whether you’re a young family becoming first time puppy owners, or you’ve had dogs before and you are adopting your first rescue dog then some basic skills, knowledge and understanding provide strong foundations for a happy and balanced dog.

Home Start Course

Puppy sat in a basket

This 7 module blended learning course is ideal for new puppy owners. The course includes a pdf workbook, step by step training guides and video demonstrations.

Each module will require just a few hours of your time. Ideal to start this the week before your puppy comes home as it covers a wealth of knowledge and information that your puppy needs to grow up happy and balanced from crate training to your first walks outside. You also get the opportunity to develop your handling skills and your puppy’s basic training away from distractions and while they are at their most able to learn.

The Home Start Course combines well with 121 online training when you can review your training exercises and troubleshoot any problems that you are having. A fantastic start to every new puppy’s life with their forever family.

Read more about how one puppy gained confidence from this course.

Is this service right for me?

I’ll be collecting my new puppy in the next few weeks OR I’ve collected my puppy in the last week and I want help and guidance on setting things up at home and starting training in the right way. No vaccinations needed.

‘I’m so pleased I came across Emma’s online puppy training course as I wanted to get started early and the course ticked all the boxes.’

‘Emma is always there to answer any questions or worries and is a great support for new puppy owners.’

‘As new owners of a very lively black lab, Emma has helped us to become more aware of how our puppy thinks’, which has enabled us to better understand her needs and resultant behaviours.’

New Puppy Course

Puppy on a lead sitting in front of its owner

This essential face-to-face group course takes place at our bespoke paddock and is ideal for puppies from 12 to 18 weeks. The course lasts six weeks and each session lasts for an hour. A great experience for confidence building, basic training and socialisation and includes loose lead walking, stays, recalls, fetch, obstacle courses and an introduction to scentwork too. The course is ideal for those who have already completed the home start course.

Is this service right for me?

My puppy will be 12 weeks by the start of the course and vaccination cleared to participate by my vet. I enjoy being outdoors and doing a few minutes training each day between lessons. Not suitable for puppy’s showing reactivity or anxiety.

‘She [Emma] has given me the reassurance I need to be able to train Marty with calmness and confidence that was needed! ‘

Bronze Skills Course

This course lasts six weeks and gives you all the fundamentals that you need for life with your dog.  The New Puppy Course or equivalent is essential before enrolling on this course.

Is this service right for me?

I’ve completed my new puppy course and want to complete all of my essential puppy training and get my Bronze Rosette.

Private Training

These private 121 sessions are entirely focused on your needs and achieving your goals.  We can cover walking on a loose lead, recall training, retrieving and some agility style confidence building too.  But …. it’s up to you!  These sessions are ideal if you are keen to progress and can be really helpful if your dogs struggles to concentrate around other dogs too.

Is this service right for me?

I want to work on some specific training issues and I want to pick the times that we work to suit my diary. My dog might be anxious or reactive of other dogs but comfortable in the outdoor training environment. Not suitable for dogs who are reactive or aggressive towards people. All adult dogs need to provide proof of current vaccination or titre testing.

‘Just had our first 1-2-1 puppy training session and I can’t believe how much we learnt!’

‘Rusty is a happier, calmer puppy after our 6 sessions with Emma.’