Case Study – New Dog Owner

The first time I met Rosie was on an introductory 121 at the paddock with her first-time dog owners. She was one of the most anxious pups I’ve met, and I rapidly realised that we were going to struggle to do any training with such a young dog in such a high state of anxiety.

Rosie struggled going outside the house, and especially leaving the house for walks, often panicking, and backing away from the many people and things that scared her. On the paddock she either froze or asked to be picked up, having little interest in treats. At home she also really struggled to settle with lots of crying at night and whenever separated from her owners.

Through the online blended puppy course combined with a short block of 121 online training sessions Rosie has grown in confidence, to an almost unbelievable degree in such a short time. She understands a good range of behaviours that her humans might need from her and is happy to sit, lay down, stay, and fetch as well as to walk with a loose lead. She can now tolerate short periods of separation from her owners and is sleeping through the night. She’s also now been loving going for walks in open fields and woodlands too.

I met Rosie for the second time yesterday and couldn’t believe the change in her. Happily walking onto the paddock alongside her owners, recalling to and fro through the long tunnels, searching the haybales, retrieving her prey dummy and managing the obstacle course. She is still petite but her confidence shines through.

These photos really show her confidence as she is separate from her owners interacting with her environment.

Rosie on the paddock obstacle course
Rosie emerging from a tunnel
Rosie exploring some hay bales
Rosie enjoying the ball pit