Dogs In Crisis

If your dog is experiencing behaviour problems, from phobias, toileting, OCD, resource guarding to reactivity, you and your dog would benefit from behavioural support.

Read our case studies for examples of dogs in crisis that Harmony have helped.

Initial Behaviour Consultation

All behaviour training starts with an Initial Behaviour Consultation. These sessions help us to identify the issues and solutions to help you and your dog to move forward. These sessions are ideal for dogs who are anxious or reactive, as well as those with problems such as chasing, toileting, phobias, and destructive behaviour.   You will need to ensure your dog has had a thorough veterinary examination to rule out any obvious physical causes or contributing factors and ask your vet to refer you on to me.   We can then work either Face to Face at the paddock, at your home or online using a range of interactive techniques including shared videos, video conferencing and webinar tools.  These sessions can be booked online from the ‘book now’ tab.  

Is this service right for me?

My dog is reactive, aggressive, barking, anxious or destructive and I’m committed to supporting my dog and to providing the changes needed. I’m concerned that I may not be able to keep my dog if things carry on as they are. I’m happy to learn new skills and apply the knowledge and techniques provided to help myself and my dog to move forward. I see my dog’s distress and I’m committed to providing the relief they need.  I understand that there are no quick fixes or magic pills, but I’m happy to commit to a process of positive change.

‘Her [Emma’s] first visit was extremely helpful in clarifying the reason for the behaviours and the work that we need to put in to help our dog with them.’

Ongoing Behaviour Training Packages

Whatever your issue from resource guarding, separation anxiety, excessive barking, dog aggression, problems with cooperative care, stranger danger and frustration we have a package for you. Most programs last between 6 and 12 weeks using a range of coaching, training and therapeutic intervention we build skills and confidence while reducing anxiety and over-excitement. These sessions can be either online or at the paddock or home visits (which incur an additional charge to cover travel). An Initial Behaviour Consultation is useful before booking here, unless you are being directly referred by your vet for a specific issue.

Is this service right for me?

My dog has some unhelpful behaviours and I’ve already had my initial behaviour consultation OR I’ve been referred directly by my behaviourist to book these sessions. My dog is anxious and reactive and these training sessions will include the behaviour support and skills training needed. Dog’s with human aggression may need to be seen online to start with.

‘Emma really knows her stuff, even after just 1 hour with her we have noticed a positive difference in our dog. ’

Calm & confident dog course

This six-week blended learning course will help you and your dog become calmer and more confident. It’s ideal for dog’s who have anxiety or reactivity. This course combines perfectly with a Behaviour Modification Program and can significantly improve the results of such a program. The course includes a workbook, step by step guides, video demonstrations, and video submissions. It will empower you with ways to protect your dog from the things that trigger their anxiety or fear; find natural ways of increasing their calm times as well as teaching you some specific training skills which will help you to manage your dog in ways that promote calm confidence. An Initial Behaviour Consultation is essential before booking here.
Is this service right for me?

I’ve had my Initial behaviour Consultation and I’m keen to learn more about how to support my dog in become calmer and in learning more helpful behaviours. I know I’ll need a few 121 training sessions and I’m hoping this will help me by providing a wide range of skills and knowledge needed to help rehabilitate my dog.

‘Head and shoulders above a basic dog training course.’

‘The techniques used and training we have learned has led to a beautiful bond with our dog, who now knows what it is we are asking from him, and he’s responding very positively.’

‘I highly recommend this course, the resources and personal attention you get from Emma are brilliant and being in a group with others gives you a different perspective on things.’

Enrichment activities for dogs in crisis

Check out our Having Fun activities, including agility classes, scentwork, Treibball, and associated workshops.

Is this service right for me?

My dog has some challenging emotions and behaviours but is keen learn and often bored because I can’t do the same activities that other dog owners can. My dog finds learning fun and loves using the skills they’ve learned in training sessions. I love focusing on my dogs abilities and not their disabilities and having fun together. I’ve had an Initial Behaviour Consultation OR I’ve been referred by my behaviourist.