About Harmony Professional Dog Training


Harmony Professional Dog Training exists to enhance quality of life for dogs and their owners through therapeutic intervention, coaching and training unique to each dog-owner partnership.

All our training is positive, and reward based. All behaviour work protects the welfare of the dog and achieves outcomes that last the test of time.

Row of sitting dogs


Understanding dogs

Like every person is different so is every dog.  There are no ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ dogs.  We are all different and meant to be that way.

Enhancing quality of life

Every dog has their own unique physiological, social, emotional, and training needs!  There are no ‘one-size fits all’ solutions, however, we only use positive reward-based training and no harsh handling.

Each dog-owner partnership is unique

We are all about enhancing quality of life for dog’s AND their owners.

Why we are different

We are highly qualified, use only ethical, kind, science-based methods combined with a friendly and professional service.

We work with…

New Dog Owners

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Having Fun

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Dogs in Crisis

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