Positive reinforcement is far better than punishment or correcting a mistake.  Training for treats and for toy are essential when learning a new behaviour, best treats are wet food i.e. fresh chicken not just dry kibble, best to train hungry.  You can try mixing up different rewards mixing up praise, treats, games and even using a mixture of treats.


Consistency with your visual and verbal commands is key, e.g. stand with your arms wide apart facing your dog and call them using either come.  Try not to repeat your recall command or you’ll always ending up saying it two, three or more times.


Practice – even when proficient you’ll need to practice.  I try to use a one in ten rule for my youngest dog which means ONE recall in earnest for TEN fun practice ones.  Practice your recalls in different places including in the garden or in the house, short and long recalls, even just the length of the lead!


Stop them from getting it wrong.  The old behaviour has been learned, albeit unintentionally, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t put your dog in the position where he or she can fail.  Keep them on a long line so that can’t ever inadvertently get positive reward from failing to recall …. Unintentional rewards could be time to chase the bunnies, smell interesting smells or all the attention that they get from you chasing and calling them.