Teaching your dog to lay on their side is useful for home health care like checking their tummy, legs and paws for lumps and bumps. I started with a clicker and a few treats and had to lure him into position with food the first few times before progressing to add distractions.

STEP 1 – lure the dog from a down into laying on their side by slow moving a treat up over their shoulder and marking when they are in the right position by saying ‘lay’ and clicking your clicker (following every time with a treat)

STEP 2 – ask for the ‘lay’ and say good or click as soon as they are in position

STEP 3 – build duration by delaying the click and treat by a second or two once they are in position

STEP 4 – add in distractions such as stroking them or handling their paws, and then increasing the distractions to include equipment such as clippers or a brush