I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I’m now a full behaviourist member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) as well as the Association of INTOdogs!

INTODogs are a members-only organisation for Dog Trainers, Behaviourists and other dog professionals, promoting positive, kind methods in order to enhance the quality of life for owners and dogs.  INTODogs also promotes the highest standards of professional conduct.  These are both a really good match for my own ethos and my aims in setting up Harmony Professional Dog Training.

For you, our customers, this means that you can relax and know that you are in a safe pair of hands with an INTODogs professional!  You know that we maintain the highest professional and ethical standards AND that we keep the welfare of your dog central to our work.  You can also rest assured that we keep abreast of continually with new regulations and teachings.

ICAN is an umbrella organisation which sets and maintains high standards within what is currently an unregulated industry.  Anyone can currently call themselves a trainer or a behaviourist regardless of their experience or theoretical knowledge.  ICAN are putting welfare first and bringing high standards, cooperation and unity to the industry.

It gives me great pleasure to be both a behaviourist and a trainer member of both organisations.

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