In the past I’ve mainly worked face to face and hands on with dogs and their owners. If you’d have asked me a couple of months ago, I certainly would not have predicted this huge change to working online.

And yet, here we are. I have regular online work and more coming in and what’s more I’m loving it.  It’s different, that’s for sure, but not so much in the ways that I expected. In many ways it’s even better!

What are the advantages to working online?

1.  Some dogs may find having new people in their home can make them anxious, excited or reactive. Working remotely means that you can relax knowing that your dog is as calm and safe as they can be.

2. It means that what we see together of your dog’s behaviour and body language is free from any direct influence from me being there.

3.  Working remotely often allows you to focus more easily without the distraction of your dog interacting with a visitor to your home.

4. We can use the technology to our advantage by for instance analysing your dog’s body language and behaviour in slow motion or by looking at video footage of other dogs and handlers working on the same exercise. We can easily share presentations, links, and demonstration videos too.

5.  We can easily compare video footage from the start and the end of a program of behaviour training ensuring that the process we are working through is robust and accountable. 

6.  Another advantage for you is that it allows you, the customer, to choose from the best of the best behaviourists in the country. Sometimes local dog trainers may not have the qualifications or experience that you want, so this shift to online can be a good thing for you and for your dogs. You can compare the qualifications, professional memberships and portfolios of experience of a number of professionals regardless of their location. 

7.  During this time many of us are at home with our pets everyday which doesn’t allow either side time to decompress so some issues may exacerbate. Working online is an option that is available now.

8. Many pets who may previously had separation anxiety issues may appear to temporarily get better, but the reality is that issues with separation anxiety are in fact best treated during this time so it would be ideal to work on now.

9.  Finally, online consultations work well for owners who are serious about making a change for themselves and their dog and are keen to learn and to practice. It is easier to share materials and to hold yourselves accountable when working online. For those who are keen self-starters’ online consultations can potentially offer greater value through the access to greater resources.

There are, of course, potentially disadvantages too.  Some of us may not be used to using modern technology, but for many of us Zoom, Teams, Skype and WhatsApp are the new normal!  However, rest assured I’m very happy to be support you while you get to grips with this new technology.  

So, if you are serious about change for you and your dog then contact me now for your first online session so that you can see how this might work for you.