Covid-19 Info & Online Learning

Home Visits

Where a home visit is required please let us know if anyone in the household has symptoms of Covid 19 or any other infectious illness and we will either rearrange to a time when everyone is well, or offer you an online appointment.

And finally…

All customers are asked not to attend if they or anyone in their household have symptoms of Covid 19 or any other infectious illness. We will assist you in re-arranging your missed session.

Customers need to wash their hands thoroughly as soon as they get home for at least 20 seconds.

Online Learning

Online 121 behavioural consultations are done by using a combination of video conferencing, WhatsApp, videos of your dog and demonstrations from me, we also work through exercises on the call as needed.

Screenshot of an online dog training session in action

Here are some of the advantages to working online:

  1. You don’t have to travel with your dog
  2. You can relax and focus fully in the comfort of your own home
  3. Your dog is safe and comfortable at home
  4. Your dog’s behaviour is completely natural and not influenced by having another person in the house
  5. We can analyse your dog’s behaviour in greater detail using video
  6. You have access to a wider range of resources including videos and theory to refer back to.